CEO of Tactical Medics Intl, Douglas Kleiner Interview; WOTS 035

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Douglas M. Kleiner. Douglas is the President and CEO of Tactical Medical International

About Tactical Medics International

Tactical Medics International (TMI) offers several “Premier” courses and other training courses that are specifically designed for medical providers and operators who may find themselves in “austere” environments where medical treatment facilities are not available and immediate evacuation is not possible.

Much of our training is based on the concept of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).  We always utilize the latest version of the USSOCOM-Approved TCCC curriculum, including the most recent changes (July 2008).  TMI custom builds each course to satisfy the special needs of the client.

For U.S. Military units, TMI has several advantages over the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR)-offered TCCC course.  TMI will schedule the training at your facility or at a TDY location of your choosing.  We are also able to act quickly to training requests and we can provide training based on the requesting unit’s schedule.  We provide turn-key training solutions allowing your unit/agency to apply all of its time to training, while the administrative/logistic issues rest with us.

TMI provides full days of training for both the medics and non-medic operators.  Our schedule allows TMI to increase the “Hands On” skill station training hours.  This results in a better understanding of the course material and develops confidence in skill performance.  All of our courses are designed to be hands-on, practical, inclusive and interesting to the end-user.

Instructor certified trainers.

Subject matter experts.

Instructors with current operational/combat experience.

Previous teaching experience.

Many courses include physician-level instructors.

All of our instructors have extensive backgrounds in military special operations and civilian SWAT tactical emergency medical support.

TMI offers more training options and better quality training than anyone!  Please review the courses and contact us to build the course that you need.  TMI also has the capability of adding Live Tissue Training to any course or scenario.



This episode was also brought to you by Xiphos Books & Training. Xiphos Books is responsible for books such as ‘Welcome to New Orleans… How many shots did you hear? Volume 1 and 2 as well as the fiction novel A Salty Life & A Traitor’s Death. Be sure to stop by their website and look at their books, training and public speaking dates.

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Guest Douglas Kleiner

Clear For Traffic 01 (stories from First Responders)

This is our first Clear for Traffic post. I want to start including YOUR stories from the field on the show. Please contact me so we cna get you on.

Today’s show is one of mine taken out of my book Welcome to New Orleans Volume 1 called

Do you Miss It

Author & professional dispatcher, Diana Sprain Interview; WOTS 033

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Diana Sprain. She is an author of both non-fiction (History of dispatching) and a great fantasy series (Graycliff chronicles). Its wonderful to have her on our show to discuss her work and her writing process.

About the author

Diana Sprain was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in California. She has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Critical Care Technician, Certified Pharmacy Technician, and is now a Public Safety Dispatcher. With over 25 years in Public Safety, her experience includes working as a Public Safety Dispatcher for a 9-1-1 agency, Civilian Training Officer, Tactical Dispatcher, and a Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher. She is the author of a dozen articles in Public Safety journals.

About the books

What is Your Emergency?: The History of Public Safety Dispatching in America

The story of 911 is complicated. Over 240 million calls are made to the 911 system every year. The Romans organized fire watches and had published laws. The famous Magna Carta w

as the foundation of our modern democratic freedom. Folks who were used to being self-sufficient learned to take advantage to developing technology to call for assistance when they saw a fire, needed law enforcement or required emergency medical help. Phone calls are received by local police departments and handled by Public Safety Telecommunicators, or Dispatchers. How did the 911 system begin? How are the 911 Dispatchers selected and trained? How do they handle everyday calls verses disasters or major incidents? This is the first book to address the story of our Nation’s Public Safety Dispatchers

On the Trail of Yesterday’s Rose (Chronicles of Greycliff Book 1)

21rst century Gaelynn Blackwood dreams of being a knight. As long as her family could remember, Gaelynn has been obsessed with the medieval period. She claims she was born in the wrong time. Martial arts, archery, and survival skills are her focus as she grows to adulthood. When Gaelynn casts a traveling spell, she is sent to Thaelia’s World where she comes across a band of knights. Seeking answers to her purpose, Gaelynn must set aside her beliefs and earn the knight’s trust but enemies lurk in the darkness and secrets threaten to destroy her. Will Gaelynn make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves?

Sir Braeden du Faucione yearns to leave the desert Firelands of Livanya and return to his home in Greycliff. His brother, Gregory, will do all he can to stop Braeden from riding through the gates of Faucione and taking his place as heir. Braeden expects intrigues, assassins, and the rigors of the journey to stand in his way. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with Gaelynn.

Despite the odds, can Gaelynn and Braeden survive to make a life together?

In the King’s Shadow (Chronicles of Greycliff Book 2)

Four years have gone by since Gaelynn Blackwood was sent from Vallejo, California to Livanya in Thaelia’s World. She can’t catch a break. Fitting in as a medieval wife was never in her plans, neither was having a bastard daughter sired by Greycliff’s King Arken. Her husband Braeden is not the man she fell in love with. He has multiple lovers and wants to keep his wife in a gilded cage. He is quick to enforce his will with his fists. Unhappy, Gaelynn desperately searches for happiness. She finds her soul mate in Braeden’s best friend & second-in-command, Sir Ranulf de Corbeau. The two lovers struggle to keep their affair a secret.

Meanwhile, King Arken can’t get Gaelynn out of his mind. Arken wants to possess the woman who showed up at his castle dressed as a squire. Before the King can have Gaelynn, there is the matter of her husband. How can the King of Greycliff get the woman he is obsessed with?

Can Gaelynn find hope and true love in a world full of deceit, intrigues, and violence?

For Queen and Country (Greycliff Chronicles Book 3)

King Arken has convinced Gaelynn to marry him. What the King doesn’t know is that the ghost of her late husband, Braeden, played a part in the final decision. Part of the marriage contract allows Gaelynn to select eleven men loyal only to her as Queen’s Knights. On the advice of Kevin du Faucione, she picks nine men with two more to be chose when she arrives in the Capitol. Ranulf de Corbeau is to be her Captain.

Arken’s personal priest, friend, and counselor, Walthen of Campo is not pleased with his liege’s choice of new wife. Deep in his heart he knows Gaelynn and Ranulf are lovers. He aches to prove she brought Ranulf with her to continue the affair but Arken won’t hear the accusations against his wife. The priest decides to do all he can to discredit the new Queen. If this means arranging her assassination, he will do so. Campo feels she is standing in the way of his being named High Priest of Foxwarre. Her origin doesn’t make sense to him, either.

Court is a hellish place. No one is sincere. Gaelynn hates the phony smiles and lack of privacy. To make matters worse, she and Ranulf are pawns in game played by the Gods and two of her own men: Sir Otto of the Sacred Swords and Sir Anselm of the Silver Serpents. Both knights work to secure the Greycliff succession, which is in danger of dying out.

Famine, plague, and war threaten the land. Treachery wraps itself around the Queen’s men. Gaelynn can’t catch a break. Only the loyalty of a few trusted friends and a surprise person from her past keep Gaelynn sane. When Arken turns to another woman and Ranulf is poisoned, Gaelynn’s fortitude is put to the ultimate test. Will she and Ranulf have their happily ever after?



This episode was also brought to you by Xiphos Books & Training. Xiphos Books is responsible for books such as ‘Welcome to New Orleans… How many shots did you hear? Volume 1 and 2 as well as the fiction novel A Salty Life & A Traitor’s Death. Be sure to stop by their website and look at their books, training and public speaking dates.

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Guest Diana Sprain



Author & Retired DC Police Officer, Quintin Peterson Interview; WOTS 032

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Quintin Peterson. Quintin is retired from DC metro police but has a writing history both before and after his time in law enforcement.

About the author & his work

Native Washingtonian Quintin Peterson is a retired District of Columbia police officer who served the public for three decades. He also is an artist and critically acclaimed author of crime fiction.

As a junior high school student, he attended the Corcoran School of Art on a scholarship. While still in high school, he was honored with the University of Wisconsin’s Science Fiction Writing Award, the National Council of Teachers of English Writing Award, and the Wisconsin Junior Academy’s Writing Achievement Award.
As an undergraduate communications major at the University of Wisconsin, he wrote and performed in two plays for stage and videotape and received a Mary Roberts Rinehart Foundation grant for his play project, Change. A National Endowment for the Arts creative writing fellowship and a play-writing grant from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities followed. Subsequently, two of his radio plays were aired on WPFW-FM Pacifica Radio as productions of the Minority Arts Ensemble’s Radio Drama Workshop ’79.

Mr. Peterson retired from the Metropolitan Police Department in April of 2010. He was assigned to the Office of Public Information as a media liaison officer. He also was a liaison between the department and members of the motion picture and television industries, acting as a script consultant and technical adviser on films including No Way Out, The Pelican Brief, In the Line of Fire, Absolute Power, Kiss the Girls, Naked Gun 2½, Minority Report, Enemy of the State, True Lies, National Treasure I and II, State of Play, The X-Files, Bones, Lie to Me, and Season 6 of 24. In December of 2010, he became an employee of the Folger Shakespeare Library’s Department of Safety and Security.
He is the author of a book of poetry, Nativity, two novels, SIN and The Wages of SIN, and one novella, Guarding Shakespeare, a noir story about a plot to heist a priceless artifact from the Folger Shakespeare Library.

He is a contributor to the crime fiction anthology D.C. Noir, edited by George Pelecanos;

The John L. French edited crime fiction anthology, Bad Cop, No Donut: Tales of Police Behaving Badly;

The anthology From Shadows and Nightmares, edited by Amber L. Campbell;

The noir anthology To Hell in a Fast Car, edited by John L. French;

The anthology Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides, edited by Marilyn Olsen; and

The noir anthology to benefit the Mines Advisory Group (MAG), Explosions: Stories of Our Landmined World, edited by Scott Bradley.

He also has penned several Kindle Edition and Nook Books e-stories and his work is featured in Issue 3 of the British horror magazine SANITARIUM and Issues 2 and 4 of eNoir magazine (now known as Heater magazine).



This episode was also brought to you by Xiphos Books & Training. Xiphos Books is responsible for books such as ‘Welcome to New Orleans… How many shots did you hear? Volume 1 and 2 as well as the fiction novel A Salty Life & A Traitor’s Death. Be sure to stop by their website and look at their books, training and public speaking dates.

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Guest Quintin Peterson


Doctor & Co-Founder of Reel Dx, Dr. David Spiro Interview; WOTS 031

Welcome to today’s show. I am interviewing Doctor David Spiro. David is the co-founder of REEL DX. A medical training platform that uses real patient vidos.

About the Guest

Dr. Spiro received his BA from University of Virginia and his MD degree from University of California at San Francisco. He also has a Masters in Public Health from University of Alabama Birmingham. He is currently an Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Oregon Health & Science University.

He completed his residency at Denver Children’s Hospital. A Fellowship in Pediatric EM at UAB, then 3 years on Faculty at Yale University before his position as Chief of Pediatric EM at Oregon Health and Science University. At OHSU he helped developed the first Pediatric ER in Oregon and started a fellowship in PEM in 2009.

About the work with Reel Dx

 David Spiro and Bill Kelly founded ReelDx in 2013. David had first recognized the power of recording video of patient-doctor interactions while on faculty at Yale. Bill, who spent 12 years as CEO of and who co-founded one of the companies that became WebMD, recognized the educational opportunity to deliver patient stories securely into the narrative via video.

Together, the team developed the vision of ReelDx: to provide an easy to use, secure, HIPAA-compliant platform for medical videos – integrating them into educational learning platforms, and creating, storing, and sharing them safely.

ReelDx has solved the core problems of video in the medical environment: security and HIPAA compliance, storage and efficient sharing, and reliable and easy playback on any device. ReelDx’s medical education videos run on their platform, a powerful technology created just for asynchronous medical and clinical video creation, storage, and sharing.

BJ’s babble – A list of agencies to donate to for Harvey Irma relief

The Adventist Community Services (ACS) receives, processes, and distributes clothing, bedding, and food products. in major disasters, the agency brings in mobile distribution units filled with bedding and packaged clothing that is pre-sorted according to size, age, and gender. ACS also provides emergency food and counseling and participates in the cooperative disaster child care program.

The American Radio Relay League, Inc. (ARRL) is a national volunteer organization of licensed radio amateurs in the United States. ARRL-sponsored Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES) provide volunteer radio communications services to Federal, State, county, and local governments, as well as to voluntary agencies. Members volunteer not only their services but also their privately owned radio communications equipment.

The American Red Cross is required by Congressional charter to undertake disaster relief activities to ease the suffering caused by a disaster. Emergency assistance includes fixed/mobile feeding stations, shelter, cleaning supplies, comfort kits, first aid, blood and blood products, food, clothing, emergency transportation, rent, home repairs, household items, and medical supplies.
Additional assistance for long-term recovery may be provided when other relief assistance and/or personal resources are not adequate to meet disaster-caused needs. The American Red Cross provides referrals to the government and other agencies providing disaster assistance.

The Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team (AMURT) renders immediate medical care, food and clothing distribution, stress management, and community and social services. AMURT also provides long-term development assistance and sustainable economic programs to help disaster-affected people.  AMURT depends primarily on full- and part-time volunteer help, and has a large volunteer base to draw on worldwide. AMURT provides and encourages disaster services training in conjunction with other relief agencies like the American Red Cross.

Brethren Disaster Ministries, provides volunteers to clean up debris and to repair or rebuild homes for disaster survivors who lack sufficient resources to hire a contractor or other paid labor. Working with long term recovery committees, the volunteers stay until the work is done.  The presence of these volunteer work teams helps to ease the trauma that is felt in the aftermath of a disaster.  Brethren Disaster Ministries .

The Catholic Charities USA Disaster Response is the organization that unites the social services agencies operated by most of the 175 Catholic dioceses in the United States. The Disaster Response section of Catholic Charities USA provides assistance to communities in addressing the crisis and recovery needs of local families. Catholic Charities agencies emphasize ongoing and long-term recovery services for individuals and families, including temporary housing assistance for low income families, counseling programs for children and the elderly, and special counceling for disaster relief workers.

Children’s Disaster Services
(CDS) provides childcare in shelters and disaster assistance centers by training and certifying volunteers to respond  to traumatized children with a calm, safe and reassuring presence.  CDS provides respite for caregivers as well as individualized consultation and education about their child’s unique needs after a disaster.  CDS creates a more favorable work environment for the staff and volunteer  of their partner agencies.  Through consultation or workshops specifically tailored to each situation, CDS works with parents, community agencies, schools or others to help them understand and meet the special needs of children during or after a disaster.

The Christian Disaster Response (CDR) worked in cooperation with the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, Church World Service Disaster Response, and NOVAD to enable local church members to become effective volunteers for assignment on national disasters. CDR provides disaster assessments, fixed/mobile feeding facilities, and in-kind disaster relief supplies.
CDR also coordinates and stockpiles the collection of donated goods through their regional centers throughout the U.S.

Enterprise Works/ Volunteers in Technical Assistance provides telecommunications and management information systems support to the emergency management community.

The Friends Disaster Service (FDS) provides clean-up and rebuilding assistance to the elderly, disabled, low income, or uninsured survivors of disasters. It also provides an outlet for Christian service to Friends’ volunteers, with an emphasis on love and caring. In most cases, FDS is unable to provide building materials and, therefore, looks to other NVOAD member agencies for these materials.

The International Association of Jewish Vocational Services (IAJVS) is an affiliation of 26 U.S., Canadian, and Israeli Jewish Employment and Vocational and Family Services agencies that provides a broad spectrum of training and employment initiatives needed in disaster. Some of these specific services include vocational evaluation, career counseling, skills training, and job placement. In addition to providing vocational services, IAJVS is also involved in problems of drug and alcohol abuse programs for the homeless, specialized services for welfare recipients, and workshops for disabled individuals.

The Lutheran Disaster Response (LDR) provides for immediate disaster response, in both natural and technological disasters, long-term rebuilding efforts, and support for preparedness planning through synods, districts, and social ministry organizations. The disasters to which LDR responds are those in which needs outstrip available local resources. LDR provides for the coordination of 6,000 volunteers annually. In addition, LDR provides crisis counseling, support groups, mental health assistance, and pastoral care through its accredited social service agencies.

Mennonite Disaster Services assists disaster victims by providing volunteer  personnel to clean up and remove debris from damaged and destroyed homes and personal property and to repair or rebuild homes. Special emphasis is  placed on assisting those less able to help themselves, such as the elderly and handicapped.

The National Emergency Response Team (NERT) meets the basic human needs of shelter, food, and clothing during times of crisis and disaster. NERT provides Emergency Mobile Trailer units (EMTUs), which are self-contained, modest living units for up to 8-10 people, to places where disaster occurs. When EMTUs are not in use, they serve as mobile teaching units used in Emergency Preparedness programs in communities.

The REACT International provides emergency communication facilities for other agencies through its national network of Citizens Band radio operators and volunteer teams. REACT teams are encouraged to become part of their local disaster preparedness plan. Furthermore, they are encouraged to take first aid training and to become proficient in communications in time of disaster.

The Salvation Army provides emergency assistance including mass and mobile feeding, temporary shelter, counseling, missing person services, medical assistance, and distribution of donated goods including food, clothing, and household items. It also provides referrals to government and private agencies for special services.

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul provides social services to individuals and families, and collects and distributes donated goods. It operates retail stores, homeless shelters, and feeding facilities that are similar to those run by the Salvation Army. The stores’ merchandise can be made available to disaster victims. Warehousing facilities are used for storing and sorting donated merchandise during the emergency period.

The Southern Baptist Disaster Relief provides more than 200 mobile feeding units staffed by volunteers who can prepare and distribute thousands of meals a day. Active in providing disaster childcare, the agency has several mobile childcare units. Southern Baptists also assist with clean-up activities, temporary repairs, reconstruction, counseling, and bilingual services.

The United Methodist Committee on Relief provides funding for local units in response and recovery projects based on the needs of each situation. This agency also provides spiritual and emotional care to disaster victims and long-term care of children impacted by disaster.

The Volunteers of America is involved in initial response services aimed at meeting the critical needs of disaster victims, such as making trucks available for transporting victims and supplies to designated shelters. It also collects and distributes donated goods and provides mental health care for survivors of disaster.



This episode was also brought to you by Xiphos Books & Training. Xiphos Books is responsible for books such as ‘Welcome to New Orleans… How many shots did you hear? Volume 1 and 2 as well as the fiction novel A Salty Life & A Traitor’s Death. Be sure to stop by their website and look at their books, training and public speaking dates.

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Author and retired Air Force Officer, Bob Doerr Interview; WOTS 030

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Bob Doerr. Bob is a Multi award-winning author He graduated from the Air Force Academy, and then had a twenty eight year career in the Air Force. It was a life style that had exposed him to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe and to most of these United States. In the Air Force, Bob specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence, gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism. His field of work brought him into close contact and coordination with the investigative and security agencies of many different countries and with the FBI and CIA

About the author

I grew up in a military family, graduated from the Air Force Academy, and then had a twenty eight year career in the Air Force.  It was a life style that had me moving every three or four years, but also one that exposed me to the people and cultures of numerous countries in Asia, Europe, and to most of these United States.

In the Air Force, I specialized in criminal investigations and counterintelligence gaining significant insight to the worlds of crime, espionage and terrorism. My field of work brought me into close contact and coordination with the investigative and security agencies of many different countries and with the FBI and CIA. This background has helped me develop the fictional plots and characters in my books.

In addition to my degree from the Academy, I also have a Masters in International Relations from Creighton University, Omaha, Nebraska. I am a full time author now, with eight mystery/thrillers and three middle grade fantasies already published.  I’m very proud to announce that the Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) selected me as its Author of the Year for 2013. My book Cold Winter’s Kill was a finalist for the 2010 Eric Hoffer Award. Loose Ends Kill was also selected as a finalist the next year for the 2011 Eric Hoffer Award and later won the 2011 Silver medal for Fiction/mystery at the MWSA annual conference.  Another Colorado Kill won the same medal in 2012, and it also took the Silver medal for General Fiction in the 2012 Stars and Flags national book contest.  No One Else to Kill won First Runner-Up in the Commercial Fiction category for the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award.

I live in Garden Ridge, Texas, with my wife of 43 years, and an ornery cat named Cinco.

About the books


When Jim West, a former Air Force Special Agent with the Office of Special Investigations, moves back to New Mexico, his goal is simple: start an easy going second career as a professional lecturer on investigative techniques to colleges and civic organizations.  He never envisioned that a demonstration of forensic hypnosis on stage with a state university student would stir up memories of an 18-year old murder mystery.  When the student is murdered three days later, West finds himself ensnared in a web of intrigue that pits him and the small town’s authorities against a ruthless, psychotic killer.

An aggressive reporter for the town newspaper seeks out West for help with the story, but after one of her co-workers is murdered, she quickly aligns her efforts with West and the Sheriff to solve the murder.  As West works closely with her, he begins to wonder if this could be the first real relationship for him since his devastating divorce a few years earlier.  The killer, though, has other plans leading to an inevitable, riveting confrontation.


It was one of those phone calls former Air Force Special Agent Jim West never wanted to receive–an old friend calling to ask if he could drive down to Ruidoso, New Mexico to help locate the friend’s daughter who has disappeared while on a ski trip in the mountains. Once in Ruidoso, Jim discovers a sinister coincidence that changes everything.  It appears that someone is abducting and killing one young blonde every year around Christmas.  The race is on–can Jim locate his friend’s daughter in time?   But why is this happening and who’s doing it?  Jim can’t wait for the local authorities to raise the priority of their search, or for the pending blizzard to pass.  In his haste he puts himself in the killer’s sights.  Will he, too, suffer from a cold winter’s kill? Cold Winter’s Kill was selected as a Finalist for the 2010 Eric Hoffer Award.

Loose Ends Kill

Former Air Force Special Agent Jim West’s goal of a peaceful, relaxed life, after a twenty year career in the military and an unexpected, devastating divorce, is once again interrupted by an old friend reaching out for help.  Not knowing how to say no, West once again finds himself leaving his New Mexico home and Chubs, his pet dog, in the hands of neighbors, while he heads off down the highway, this time to San Antonio, Texas.Once in San Antonio, West faces the challenge of solving the murder of an old friend’s wife.  The police, and even his friend’s defense lawyers, believe they have already arrested the murderer – his friend! Loose Ends Kill was selected as a Finalist for the 2011 Eric Hoffer Award and won the Silver Medal for fiction/mystery at the Military Writers Society of America 2011 conference.

Another Colorado Kill

A three day golf trip that was supposed to be fun and relaxing turns into disaster when, on the drive up to Colorado Springs, Jim and his “friend” Edward “Perry” Mason discover a dead body in the men’s room at a roadside rest stop. A heart attack and two dead bodies later, Jim discovers that murder can become personal! Forget the golf, Jim just wants to go home. Unfortunately, the police want him to hang around, while the killer would be happy if Jim left. In fact, the killer wants him gone – one way or the other. His only saving grace is a smart and savvy cop who believes in him. The fact that she has eyes that captivate Jim ain’t bad either. The ultimate confrontation takes Jim out of his comfort zone and into a role he has only played out once before!  But is it a role that he can survive??  Another Colorado Kill won the Military Writer’s Society silver medal for fiction/mystery at the 2012, and won the Silver Medal for general fiction in the 2012 Stars and Flags national book contest.

No One Else to Kill

In this book, Jim West travels to a small, remote hunting lodge in the Pecos        Wilderness area in New Mexico to rendezvous with an old friend and do some hiking. His friend stands him up, and Jim is about to return home when a murder occurs in the lodge. Law enforcement jumps in, and Jim’s early departure plans are scrubbed. When a second murder occurs less than twenty four hours later, things really start to get dicey. Both crimes were intricately planned to mislead the authorities, no one appears to have a motive for the killings, and everyone has an alibi. Up against a wall with time running out, the deputy-in-charge asks West to be their man on the inside, but West is adamant that this is not his case to solve. Since his retirement from the Air Force, however, Fate has had her own plans for West. Why should this be any different?  No One Else to Kill was a winner in the 2013 Eric Hoffer Awards.

Caffeine Can Kill

This Jim West mystery/thriller, the sixth in the series, finds Jim traveling to Cover = Caffeine Can Kill the Texas Hill Country to attend the grand opening of a friend’s winery and vineyard. Upon arriving in  Fredericksburg, Jim witnesses a brutal kidnapping at a local coffee shop. The next morning while driving down an unpaved country road to the grand opening, he comes across an active crime scene barely a quarter mile from his friend’s winery. A Fredericksburg policeman who talked to Jim the day before at the kidnapping scene recognizes Jim and asks him to identify the body of a dead young woman as the woman who was kidnapped.  Jim does, and as a result of this unwelcome relationship with the police is asked the next morning to identify the body of another murdered person as the man who had kidnapped the young woman.  A third murder throws Jim’s vacation into complete disarray and draws Jim and a female friend into the sights of one of the killers.

The Attack

A terrorist team has just set off four explosive devices in an international airport close to New York City.  The leader of the terrorists, Ahmad Khalin, survives the attack and plans to attack a second U.S. airport within the month.  As Khalin makes his escape from the New York area he is involved in a shooting in Connecticut. Clint Smith, a U.S. government agent assigned to an ultra-secret agency, is at a restaurant across the street when the shooting occurs. He responds to the scene to see if he can help, but Khalin is gone. On a hunch, Teresa Deer, Smith’s boss, sends Smith after Khalin. Smith’s pursuit takes him to Bar Harbor, Maine; Wiesbaden, Germany; the Costa Brava, Spain; Northern Scotland; Lake of the Woods, Ontario, Canada; and finally into Saskatchewan, Canada, where the final confrontation takes place.  Throughout the pursuit, a number of interesting characters add to the subplots and try to survive their involvement in the chase.

The Group

Someone is killing off the world’s rich and famous.   The murders are sophisticated, are happening on different continents, and the world’s intelligence agencies are at a loss for an explanation.  On a hunch, Teresa Deer sends Clint Smith to Basel, Switzerland, where the Bilderberg Group, a loose knit group of the world’s richest, is holding its annual meeting.  Smith begins to pick up a trail that leads him to the Mediterranean before contact is lost and Smith returns to the U.S.    The trail is picked up again in Las Vegas  and takes  Smith to Whidby Island, Washington.  The chase is marred by ambush and death, and near the end Smith realizes that he may no longer be the hunter, he has become the prey.



This episode was also brought to you by Xiphos Books & Training. Xiphos Books is responsible for books such as ‘Welcome to New Orleans… How many shots did you hear? Volume 1 and 2 as well as the fiction novel A Salty Life & A Traitor’s Death. Be sure to stop by their website and look at their books, training and public speaking dates.

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