Special Episode – Samantha Wilding and admission to the RLA

On this special addition of Words Off The Street I spent a few minutes talking with Samantha Wilding, a critical care paramedic from New York, that has had the great honor of being the first paramedic to be accepted into the Resuscitation Leadership Academy

I offered to share her story with all of you in a hope of helping garner donations to offset the cost of attendance.

So take a few minutes and listen to her story and head over to her GO FUND ME page to make a donation. Its good for her, its good for EMS and lets face we can use all the good karma we can get…….

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One thought on “Special Episode – Samantha Wilding and admission to the RLA”

  1. FROM Samantha:
    Guys, I have some amazing news. I’m not 100% of the way there yet. But between all of your generosity, and the incredibly dizzying kindness of loved ones and strangers, I’ve raised enough money to be sure I can afford it.


    I am the next Resuscitation Leadership Academy Fellow. I start my course not long after the new year, which means 2017 is going to be a HUGE year for me, but I am nothing if not excited for the challenge. And it’s YOU who made this happen.

    This is an absolutely partial list of those I need to thank, because over 100 people have helped send me to school, and I couldn’t tag all of you even if I knew how to try.

    First off is Kasey, because she always is worth thanking, and is wonderful and loving and kind and supportive, even though I surprised her by fundraising for this at first. You’re the absolute love of my life. I would not be here without you.

    I would not be able to say yes to this without the EXTREMELY generous backing of Marian and Maggie; holy wow you guys. Words are not enough.

    EMS mastermind Kelly Grayson pushed this forward when I had no right to ask, and Brett Schneider was kind enough to have me on his podcast to help pimp the GoFundMe. My mom Judit pushed a whole publishing company into opening up their pockets. And an *absolutely staggering* number of you re-posted, shared, pimped, drove. I’m absolutely floored at how far the word got. I also got access to the followers of Minh Le Cong, Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer, because they are genuinely kind people who help others not just for a living (in Minh’s case) but because they have hearts of absolute gold.

    My dear and wonderful friends and family have also been extremely kind, to the point that some of you have shocked me because I KNOW you can’t afford it. So thank you to Lisa who was the first to put cash in the coffer, and to Erla and Katie and Marc and Michael and Andrea and Deana and Rubino who pushed so hard her *mom* even donated, and Klaudia and Joshua and Joseph and Leila and William and Will and John and Savanna and Lee and Peter and Megan have all chipped in, some with amounts that have made me spit out my tea.

    What’s even more dazzling and dizzying and downright overwhelming are the *complete, total strangers* who have backed me. Some chose to be anonymous, others chose to give their names, and they gave in various amounts. There are literally over 50 of them; I’m pretty sure that non-friends and family make up the majority of people who funded me, which is *absolutely bananapants-on-head crazy*. I am, of course, MASSIVELY grateful to everyone.

    To be honest, the level of support and kind words and messages have just…. completely overwhelmed me. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you thank you. This opportunity is truly unique. I promise you, I will not squander it. This means more to me than I can say.

    Thank you so, so much.

    xoxoxo <3 Sam

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