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Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Bernard Schaffer a prolific author with 20+ pieces of work including novels, short stories, non-fiction in varied genres including children’s books, philosophy, fiction, fantasy, Science Fiction, crime drama. Bernard is a police detective in Philadelphia and was a child star at in his youth on Nickelodeon.

About the author

Bernard Schaffer is the author of multiple books that span a wide variety of genres, including literature, police procedurals, and science fiction westerns. He has worked on several projects with famous authors such as Harlan Ellison, Alan Dean Foster, and Bill Thompson (the editor who discovered Stephen King and John Grisham).
Recently, he collaborated with J.A. Konrath on two books that feature Konrath’s best-selling Lt. Jack Daniels characters and Schaffer’s own Superbia series.
A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, he is the proud father of two children. In addition to writing and publishing, he is a decorated police veteran detective and expert witness in narcotics distribution. In the late eighties, Schaffer was a child actor who appeared on stage and screen, including starring in the Nickelodeon series, “Don’t Just Sit There.”

About the books   Bibliography

Schaffer has self-published several works, including:

  • Women and Other Monsters (short story collection; May 2011)
  • Whitechapel: the Final Stand of Sherlock Holmes (a Sherlock Holmes pastiche novel; 16 June 2011)
  • Guns of Seneca 6 (sci-fi western; October 2011)
  • Ancient Rituals (short story collection; 12 January 2012)
  • Superbia (crime novel;20 January 2012)
  • The Kyoshi Scrolls (samurai/zombie novella; 1 Feb 2012)
  • Codename: Omega (novella collection; 7 March 2012)
  • Knife Fights (essays and poetry; 22 March 2012), formerly the project titled “Codex Leicester
  • Superbia II (crime novel; 25 March 2012)
  • Simple Ebook Formatting in 10 Easy Steps (formatting how-to; 11 May 2012)
  • Coordinates to Unmapped Places (fiction collection; 16 May 2012)
  • Chambered Rounds (non-fiction collection; 16 May 2012)
  • Magnificent Guns of Seneca 6 (sci-fi western; 10 July 2012)
  • Overdogs (fiction collection; 12 September 2012)
  • Immaculate Killers (sci-fi western; 6 December 2012)
  • Grendel Unit: Bad Day at Khor-wa (military science fiction; 2 February 2013)
  • Superbia 3 (crime novel; 27 April 2013)
  • The Girl From Tenerife (Fiction 15 January 2014)
  • Codex Fantastica (anthology 31 May 2014)
  • Saokata (fantasy 2014-05-22)
  • Tiny Dragons 1: The Sky Dragons (fantasy 2013-07-31)
  • Grendel Unit 2: Ignition Sequence ( military science fiction 2014-03-17)
  • Grendel Unit 3: Fight thePower (military science fiction 2014-07-15)
  • Way of the Warrior: Collected Edition Books 1+2 (Law Enforcement Philosophy 2014-06-25)

He is also the founder of the short-fiction anthology Kindle All-Stars, contributing the Seneca 6 story “Old-Time Lawmen” to the first collection, Resistance Front, and the story “Carnival of Cryptids” in the second collection, Carnival of Crypids. His upcoming projects include the historical sequel Whitechapel 2: Inspector Lestrade and the Torso Killer, the sword-and-sorcery fantasy story The Widow Sword, and a third installment of the Kindle All-Stars anthology.


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Remember that next week we will be interviewing Kelly Grayson, Paramedic, author, blogger and podcaster.

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