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Today I am interviewing Heather Hilliard. I have known Heather for 20 years ever since she was a student at Tulane Univ. and a member of their campus emergency medical unit. She also volunteered with the city of New Orleans and was subjected to the torture of riding with me on numerous occasions. She is currently teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level and consulting in communications and with her in depth background in Emergency Management definitely fits the bill of a member of public safety.

About the author

Since 1993, Heather Munro Hilliard has been involved in homeland security and emergency management.  Earning her two masters degrees before she was 24 years old, she rose quickly to the pinnacle of her career and decided it was time to create fictional works about things she had seen (or maybe not… it is fiction).

Currently teaching at the graduate and undergraduate level and consulting in communications, she is able to spend quality time on writing thoughtful storylines with complex characters and intricate historical references.  Drawing the reader into the heart of the story, she is able to make the reader feel the pace of the action, breathe emotions wrenched from beloved characters and feed the hatred against the loathed protagonist.

While her academic works live in one realm, the new generation of her writing lives through her publisher, R. Roan Enterprises LLC, so that readers everywhere may enjoy her well-crafted stories.  Her first novel, Mirage, is the first book in The Elements series, which is designed to explore the elements of corruption in society.  Mirage was released in hardback and ebook in May of 2016.

About the book

 Mirage – In a city loved by many while understood by few, Sarah finds her New Orleans office at the center of a terrorist threat just weeks away from the national professional championship football game. As game day approaches and more clues point to the mastermind behind the operation, she works with a variety of interesting players to find out who is trying to carry out the threat – and why.

Mirage is Book One of a new series, The Elements.  These true crime and mystery stories are built around the five elements – water, fire, earth, metal and air – as well as incorporating aspects of the five corruptible areas of human society – government, religion, economics, war and education.  Stay tuned for the next book, Cardinal, the second book of The Elements.

 Publications – Academic

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  • Louisiana DHH, Chemical Weapons and Countermeasures Training and CHEMPACK Tabletop; Exercise Director and Facilitator. 2010. Author: Heather M. Hilliard, CEM
  • “Fear of Crime and Collective Action: An Analysis of Coping Strategies”. Sociological Inquiry 68(3): 312-328.  Authors: Lesley Williams Reid, J. Timmons Roberts and Heather Hilliard.



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