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This week we interview a long time friend and former co-worker in New Orleans, Sean Fitzmorris. Listen in as Sean  gives us insight into his career and work……enjoy!

About the author

Sean Fitzmorris is the author of the thriller ‘Found Wanting’ A tale of a serial killer. This killer also happens to be the paramedic you call to render aid. Sean is a Registered Nurse at University Hospital, New Orleans and was a paramedic with the city until 2010.

About the book

Death isn’t unusual in the back of an ambulance-or is it? Author Sean Fitzmorris draws on his many years of experience as a paramedic and a nurse to tell the story of Found Wanting. Marc is a veteran paramedic in New Orleans. Years of dealing with the worst of society have hardened him and left him with a dark secret. His partner, Brian, is a brand-new Emt who wants only to help everyone. Follow Marc and Brian as they respond to 911 calls. It’s hard for Brian to keep his positive outlook, but what will he do when he begins to get suspicious at the unusual deaths in his ambulance?

In our New, News, and Noteworthy

This past week the 2017 reunion for New Orleans EMS and Charity Hospital employees was held at the Bayou Beer Garden. Great to see all those folks. Below you can find links to the pictures that I took as well as sound clips from some of the folks!!!

One thing that I did wish to share is Red Huling, my former boss ay the New Orleans Health Department as well as a friend is battling stage 2 pancreatic cancer. A GOFUNDME page has been set up to offset the costs of his treatment and daily expenses. Red has dedicated his life to public service as a firefighter, a medic and a nurse. Please take a minute to go to the page and make a donation. Its good for your karma and you never know when you could use the help. CLICK HERE

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Remember that next week we will be interviewing the Editor-and-Chief of, GREG FRIESE……………   DON’T MISS IT!

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  1. I am truly enjoying listening to you interviews. Glad to hear that the reunion was a success! Love you guys! Be blessed!

  2. Thank you so much for the comment Cindy. I’m having a lot of fun doing the show and speaking with such great authors. The reunion was fun ….miss those guys so much.

  3. Fabulous interview with Sean! You both are so articulate! Also great interviews with the drunks at the reunion– wonderful to see everyone! Hope to do it again next year! Xoxo

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