Paramedic/ Author Jon McCarthy Interview WOTS 018

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Jon McCarthy. Jon’s new book HARD ROLL has been released by Pelican Press and is a paramedics perspective of Life and Death in the city of New Orleans. Jon and I share common roots in the Big Easy as paramedics and have written along similar lines. Let’s dig into Jon’s inspiration and process and see what brought him and his work to this point.

About the author

Born the son of a police officer in the small town of Crawfordville, Florida, Jon McCarthy began his public service as an active duty member of the United States Coast Guard in 1990. Six years later, he entered the world of emergency medical services and has worked for 20 years as a paramedic. He is one of the architects of the New Orleans EMS Field Training Officer program, where he oversaw the program for five years as the Lead Field Training Officer. His book, Hard Roll: A Paramedic’s Perspective of Life and Death in New Orleans gives readers an inside look into the chaos of EMS and the toll the job of a first responder takes on those who serve.

Jon currently resides in New Orleans with his wife, two sons and a multitude of pets, where he spends his off days trying to write his way into the next chapter of his life.

 About the book

Known as one of America’s most dangerous cities, New Orleans plays host to incidents ranging from the tragic and disturbing to the completely bizarre—and during his career as an emergency medic, Jon McCarthy saw it all. He chronicles some of the most formative calls of his career in this autobiography that reads like crime fiction. McCarthy demonstrates with detail and clarity that the difficult choice is often the right choice. While not for the faint of heart, each entry in this collection provides poignant insight into the bonds between medics and the people and city they serve.




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Remember that next week we will be interviewing wife a career CHiPs Officer and author  ofs everal great books on surviving your police marriage Victoria Newman……………   DON’T MISS IT!

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