Paramedic Jim Morrissey Interview WOTS 017

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Jim Morrissey. Jim is the author of the Tactical Medical Field Guide as well as the Wilderness Medical Associations Field Guide and numerous articles in both EMS and Police publications.

About the author

Jim Morrissey has been a Tactical Paramedic for the San Francisco FBI SWAT team since 1999 and prior to that he worked with the FBI’s Hostage Rescue Team as an educator and consultant. Jim is the Terrorism Preparedness Coordinator for Alameda County EMS. He is a Medical Intelligence Officer for the Northern California Regional Intelligence Center and holds a master’s degree in Homeland Security from the Naval Postgraduate School. Jim has lectured in over 25 countries on emergency medicine, wilderness rescue and tactical medical operations and has published a wilderness medical field guide and many articles over his career.

Co-founder of educational training organization specializing in emergency medicine, tactical medicine, wilderness rescue and technical rope rescue. Supervisor and Director of Instructor Development of instructional staff. Instructor of over 1000 courses for these and many other organizations in over 20 countries.

About the books and articles








Tactical Medical Field Guide, author of 144 page tactical medical field guide for military, tactical, rescue task force and special operations medics who work in tactical environments.

Wilderness Medical Associates’ Field Guide, author of 100-page field guide for medical rescue personnel. Guide focuses on prevention, recognition and treatment of medical emergencies in remote settings. Note: over 65,000 copies, translated into five languages in print as of 1/2016 

“EMS Response to Active Shooter Incidents”, EMS World Magazine, July 2011

“Spine Immobilization, Are We Going Overboard?” Journal Of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS), feature article, March 2013

Strategies for the Inclusion of Medical and Health Representation within Law Enforcement Intelligence Fusion Centers”, Naval Postgraduate School Master’s Thesis, May, 2007 

“Tactical EMS: An overview”, , July, 2013 

“Tactical Medical Gear”,, December, 2013

“Effectiveness of a New Spine Curriculum in Reducing Backboard Use”, Prehospital Emergency Care, July/September, 2014 

“Standard EMTs need to be ready for active shooters”,, February, 2014

“Active Shooter: Rescue Task Force medics get to victims faster”,, July, 2015

“Hybrid Targeted Violence vs. Active Shooter Incidents”,, November 2015  “Redefining “All Clear” in Active Shooter Response”,, July, 2016




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Remember that next week we will be interviewing Tactical Paramedic with the FBI and noted field manual author, Jim Morrissey……………   DON’T MISS IT!

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