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Welcome to today’s show. I am interviewing Steven Cohen. Steven is the Host of Medic 2 Medic Podcast. A show for EMS providers, leaders, medical directors and people interested in EMS as well as being the Chief of Cary Area EMS in Ct.

About the host

Steven Cohen is currently the Chief of Cary Area EMS and has been in EMS for 34 years. Steven is currently a provider, educator, administrator and now a podcaster.

About the podcast

 In September of 2015 Steven decided to start a new adventure called Medic2Medic Podcast.  This January the podcast hit 16,000 downloads. The podcast is working towards 100 episodes, finding a sponsor or advertiser.

Medic2Medic Podcast is a podcast for Emergency Medical Services (EMS) providers, leaders, medical directors and people interested in EMS. Listen to their stories on how they become interested in EMS and why they took this path to help others



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Guest : Steven Cohen

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