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Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Diana Sprain. She is an author of both non-fiction (History of dispatching) and a great fantasy series (Graycliff chronicles). Its wonderful to have her on our show to discuss her work and her writing process.

About the author

Diana Sprain was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in California. She has worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, Critical Care Technician, Certified Pharmacy Technician, and is now a Public Safety Dispatcher. With over 25 years in Public Safety, her experience includes working as a Public Safety Dispatcher for a 9-1-1 agency, Civilian Training Officer, Tactical Dispatcher, and a Supervising Public Safety Dispatcher. She is the author of a dozen articles in Public Safety journals.

About the books

What is Your Emergency?: The History of Public Safety Dispatching in America

The story of 911 is complicated. Over 240 million calls are made to the 911 system every year. The Romans organized fire watches and had published laws. The famous Magna Carta w

as the foundation of our modern democratic freedom. Folks who were used to being self-sufficient learned to take advantage to developing technology to call for assistance when they saw a fire, needed law enforcement or required emergency medical help. Phone calls are received by local police departments and handled by Public Safety Telecommunicators, or Dispatchers. How did the 911 system begin? How are the 911 Dispatchers selected and trained? How do they handle everyday calls verses disasters or major incidents? This is the first book to address the story of our Nation’s Public Safety Dispatchers

On the Trail of Yesterday’s Rose (Chronicles of Greycliff Book 1)

21rst century Gaelynn Blackwood dreams of being a knight. As long as her family could remember, Gaelynn has been obsessed with the medieval period. She claims she was born in the wrong time. Martial arts, archery, and survival skills are her focus as she grows to adulthood. When Gaelynn casts a traveling spell, she is sent to Thaelia’s World where she comes across a band of knights. Seeking answers to her purpose, Gaelynn must set aside her beliefs and earn the knight’s trust but enemies lurk in the darkness and secrets threaten to destroy her. Will Gaelynn make the ultimate sacrifice for the man she loves?

Sir Braeden du Faucione yearns to leave the desert Firelands of Livanya and return to his home in Greycliff. His brother, Gregory, will do all he can to stop Braeden from riding through the gates of Faucione and taking his place as heir. Braeden expects intrigues, assassins, and the rigors of the journey to stand in his way. What he didn’t expect was to fall in love with Gaelynn.

Despite the odds, can Gaelynn and Braeden survive to make a life together?

In the King’s Shadow (Chronicles of Greycliff Book 2)

Four years have gone by since Gaelynn Blackwood was sent from Vallejo, California to Livanya in Thaelia’s World. She can’t catch a break. Fitting in as a medieval wife was never in her plans, neither was having a bastard daughter sired by Greycliff’s King Arken. Her husband Braeden is not the man she fell in love with. He has multiple lovers and wants to keep his wife in a gilded cage. He is quick to enforce his will with his fists. Unhappy, Gaelynn desperately searches for happiness. She finds her soul mate in Braeden’s best friend & second-in-command, Sir Ranulf de Corbeau. The two lovers struggle to keep their affair a secret.

Meanwhile, King Arken can’t get Gaelynn out of his mind. Arken wants to possess the woman who showed up at his castle dressed as a squire. Before the King can have Gaelynn, there is the matter of her husband. How can the King of Greycliff get the woman he is obsessed with?

Can Gaelynn find hope and true love in a world full of deceit, intrigues, and violence?

For Queen and Country (Greycliff Chronicles Book 3)

King Arken has convinced Gaelynn to marry him. What the King doesn’t know is that the ghost of her late husband, Braeden, played a part in the final decision. Part of the marriage contract allows Gaelynn to select eleven men loyal only to her as Queen’s Knights. On the advice of Kevin du Faucione, she picks nine men with two more to be chose when she arrives in the Capitol. Ranulf de Corbeau is to be her Captain.

Arken’s personal priest, friend, and counselor, Walthen of Campo is not pleased with his liege’s choice of new wife. Deep in his heart he knows Gaelynn and Ranulf are lovers. He aches to prove she brought Ranulf with her to continue the affair but Arken won’t hear the accusations against his wife. The priest decides to do all he can to discredit the new Queen. If this means arranging her assassination, he will do so. Campo feels she is standing in the way of his being named High Priest of Foxwarre. Her origin doesn’t make sense to him, either.

Court is a hellish place. No one is sincere. Gaelynn hates the phony smiles and lack of privacy. To make matters worse, she and Ranulf are pawns in game played by the Gods and two of her own men: Sir Otto of the Sacred Swords and Sir Anselm of the Silver Serpents. Both knights work to secure the Greycliff succession, which is in danger of dying out.

Famine, plague, and war threaten the land. Treachery wraps itself around the Queen’s men. Gaelynn can’t catch a break. Only the loyalty of a few trusted friends and a surprise person from her past keep Gaelynn sane. When Arken turns to another woman and Ranulf is poisoned, Gaelynn’s fortitude is put to the ultimate test. Will she and Ranulf have their happily ever after?



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