CEO of Tactical Medics Intl, Douglas Kleiner Interview; WOTS 035

Welcome everyone. Today I am interviewing Douglas M. Kleiner. Douglas is the President and CEO of Tactical Medical International

About Tactical Medics International

Tactical Medics International (TMI) offers several “Premier” courses and other training courses that are specifically designed for medical providers and operators who may find themselves in “austere” environments where medical treatment facilities are not available and immediate evacuation is not possible.

Much of our training is based on the concept of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC).  We always utilize the latest version of the USSOCOM-Approved TCCC curriculum, including the most recent changes (July 2008).  TMI custom builds each course to satisfy the special needs of the client.

For U.S. Military units, TMI has several advantages over the United States Army Institute of Surgical Research (USAISR)-offered TCCC course.  TMI will schedule the training at your facility or at a TDY location of your choosing.  We are also able to act quickly to training requests and we can provide training based on the requesting unit’s schedule.  We provide turn-key training solutions allowing your unit/agency to apply all of its time to training, while the administrative/logistic issues rest with us.

TMI provides full days of training for both the medics and non-medic operators.  Our schedule allows TMI to increase the “Hands On” skill station training hours.  This results in a better understanding of the course material and develops confidence in skill performance.  All of our courses are designed to be hands-on, practical, inclusive and interesting to the end-user.

Instructor certified trainers.

Subject matter experts.

Instructors with current operational/combat experience.

Previous teaching experience.

Many courses include physician-level instructors.

All of our instructors have extensive backgrounds in military special operations and civilian SWAT tactical emergency medical support.

TMI offers more training options and better quality training than anyone!  Please review the courses and contact us to build the course that you need.  TMI also has the capability of adding Live Tissue Training to any course or scenario.



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