Hello and welcome to ‘Words off the streets’.

It will just take a minute of your time so relax as I tell you what you can expect from this show and what we hope to accomplish.

My name is BJ Schneider and I’ll be your host of the Podcast. I’ve been in public service for over 25 years as both a paramedic and a police officer. I took what I learned in those careers and began writing. Along with my occasional co-host Sam Bradley and regular support from fellow podcaster Jamie Davis we  want to talk with authors, writers and bloggers that put the preverbal pen to paper about the world of Police, Firefighter, Emergency Medical services and other First Responders.

I want to talk to those people that write about what’s going on out in the street any given day; The trainers, the chiefs, and the patrolman in the field unit. I also want to talk with those that have taken the leap into the world of fiction writing and how their careers influenced them.

I’d also like to share with you, news about the latest books, articles, or noteworthy blogs that are out there from those in public safety. This way we can support our brothers and sisters behind the badge, the axe or the stethoscope.

So, I hope you’ll come along with me as we meet these interesting people from the public safety world and get to know them and their works. You can always send your thoughts, questions, or ideas to streetwordspodcast@gmail.com and I will try to answer or discuss them on the air.

So come back and hear your world put into their words!