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Hello world ……Especially the night shift!!

This website will be the written accompaniment to our Podcast of the same name. This Podcast and site is dedicated to authors, bloggers, and writers of all ilks that have come from or write about the public safety world. You know all the great stories you’ve heard from your friends that are either police, firefighters, paramedics or other first responders?

There are a great number of these folks that have taken their passion for the streets and channeled into the written word. This can be in the form of a text book, a memoir or true stories collection or even into the world of fiction where thy have taken all those years of training and experience and used it to weave a great tale with stunning characters.

I hope you will   listen to our podcast, sign up for our newsletter and visit us on Facebook (words off the street) or twitter (@streetwordscast) and if you have a question, an idea, or know someone we should have on our show please drop us a line at